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Students must arrive at the designated bus stop 10 minutes before the pick-up time.
Buses will depart AIS every afternoon at 3:10 pm.


When using the school bus service, students are expected to behave in an acceptable and responsible manner at all times. Students who do not behave appropriately will be reported to the school. In serious cases, suspension from the bus service may result. No refund will be provided in such circumstances.


Any change of pick-up/drop-off point is subject to availability. Advance written request must be sent to California Coach Limited at

Please note the following safety regulations:

  • Students must sit in their assigned seat.

  • Students are to remain seated during the journey, and put on the seat belts provided.

  • Bags and other personal belongings are to be placed under the seats; no items should obstruct the aisle or another passenger’s seat. Light backpacks may be hung behind the seat.

  • Property left on buses will be delivered to the school office.

  • Students are not permitted to talk with the bus driver during the journey.

  • Students are requested to remain quiet on the bus and avoid any behavior that may distract the driver or disturb others.

  • No food or drink should be consumed on the bus.

  • Students should avoid playing with sharp objects - including pencils, rulers, and recorders - during the journey.

  • Students should not lean on or push against the windows

  • Students must never throw or allow anything to drop from the bus windows.

  • Students are required to wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before unfastening their seat-belts.

  • The use of laptops, mobile phones, and other electronic devices on the bus is not recommended. California Coach will not be responsible for any damages.

  • In case of emergency, students must follow the directions of the Bus Mother, the Bus Driver, or any other responsible adult.

PARENTS, please note:

  • Your child will not be permitted on the bus unless all fees and documents have been submitted.

  • In order for children to arrive at school and return home on time, please ensure your child gets on the bus punctually.

  • Please ensure your child is on board the bus in the morning before the accompanying adult leaves.

  • If, for whatever reason, your child misses the bus in the morning, it is the family’s responsibility to take the student to school.

  • If a student is instructed to be picked up by a designated adult at the bus stop after school, please make sure the designated adult waits at the bus stop. If, for whatever reason, the adult is not waiting at the bus stop when the school bus arrives, the student will be brought back to the school for parental collection.

  • Please inform the Bus Mother on any occasion that your child will not be traveling on the bus.

  • Please advise the Bus Mother if your child attends an after-school activity and therefore will not be taking the bus on a particular day.

  • Please notify the Bus Mother, in writing, of any changes in the collection procedures for students returning home.

  • Parents are liable for any damage to a bus caused by their child.

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