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Parents are requested to ensure the following information is shared and fully understood by students taking the school bus.


Bus Break Down

Students are to remain on the bus under the supervision of the Bus Driver and the Bus Mother and should wait for a replacement bus to continue the service.



Bus Delay


If a bus is delayed for over 15 minutes from the scheduled time, please contact the assigned Bus Mother's mobile number.




In the event of an accident, the Bus Driver and the Bus Mother will take the following steps:

  • Ensure all students stay calm and remain at the scene in a safe location.

  • Contact California Coach (2836-9922) or AIS (2336-3812), providing the bus number and the location of the accident. Assistance and support will be organized immediately.

  • Contact the police (call 999), giving the exact location of bus – street/road/area, and remain on the scene until the police arrive.

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